KTOY 22-23

Brooke Heiter, North Elementary third grade teacher, and Cheri Hopson, GJSHS English teacher, have been nominated for the Kansas Teacher of the Year Program. Beginning in 2015, USD 352 wanted to honor and acknowledge the commitment and dedication of teachers. USD 352 does this to recognize not only a few great teachers, but the teaching profession as a whole and the vital role all staff play in our community and for our kids. Since then, USD 352 has nominated an outstanding educator for Kansas Teacher of the Year each year.  

Previous Kansas Teacher of the Year Nominees representing USD 352 are:  

  • 2015 - Nona Mason
  • 2016 - Julie Dautel
  • 2017 -  Brian Coon
  • 2018 - Myron Tedford
  • 2019 - Kala Blochlinger & Tanya Szanto
  • 2020 - Peggy Berls & Shane Hollern
  • 2021 - Abraham Marintzer & Emily Stefan

Engage, Enrich, Empower ~ Every Student, Every Day

The  Kansas Teacher of the Year Award recognizes and utilizes representatives of excellent teaching in the elementary and secondary classrooms of the state. Its mission is to build and utilize a network of exemplary teachers who are leaders in the improvement of schools, student performance and the teaching profession. (Source:  Kansas State Department of Education)

photo credit:  Jackie Elliott