COVID Data - Nov. 7th

The School District will remain on Tier 1.5 to begin this week.  The County is still seeing a large number of cases with 54 active as of today.  Last week alone, Sherman County reported 65 new cases.

We currently have 13 positive cases, 27 students in remote learning, and 8 students who are on modified.  We are hoping that the numbers will go down this week and we will continue to analyze the situation on a daily basis.  We will move us back to Tier 1.0 as soon as our Health Team deems we can.  Last week there were a couple of days we were having a hard time staying in school due to staff shortages but are committed to keeping our doors open and students coming to school.  We believe that masks help us prevent as many students as we can from getting quarantined as well as mitigating the spread.

If you have any questions please feel free to stop by, email me ( or call at 785-890-2397.