COVID Data - Oct 31st

Sherman County has had 869 positive COVID-19 cases and sets at 37 actives cases as of today.  We actually hit a high of 49 active cases mid-week so we are trending back down.  Also, after analysis of the data and cases we are not seeing any positive transmissions in our schools.  Therefore, we will start this week on Tier 1.0 (no masks).  Here is the data breakdown per building.

West Elementary has 2 positive students cases, 1 positive staff member, and 8 students are on Remote.  North Elementary has 0 positive student cases and 1 positive staff member.  We have 1 student on modified quarantine and 3 students on remote.  The JH-HS has 0 positive student and staff cases with 4 students on modified quarantine and 2 remote students.

If you have any questions please contact me; or 785-890-2397.

Thank you