COVID Data - Oct 24th

We will remain at Tier 1.0 as we start the week while monitoring the current situation closely over the next few days.  We have several cases and quarantines who will be coming off the list as we get into the week but several others that are probably going to be going through testing as well.  So again, we will monitor the data closely as we go through the week.  

We currently have had 823 total cases in Sherman County and set at 21 active cases today.  We have 2 positive student cases at the Jr/Sr High School as well as 6 students on Modified and 2 in remote learning.  North elementary has 1 positive staff member with 1 student on Modified and 2 in remote.  West elementary has zero positive cases, 2 students on modified and 3 in remote.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at: or 785-890-2397