COVID Data - Sept. 13th

We are excited to share that we will be starting the week on Tier 1.0 (mask not required).   Below is the data as of today.

We currently have had 773 total COVID-19 cases in Sherman County with a decrease from last Monday down to 5 active cases right now.  Thirty-five (35) staff and 72 students have tested positive with 0 active staff case and 1 active student case.

At Goodland Jr-Sr High High school we have 0 positive student cases, 0 positive staff, 0 students on remote and 2 on modified.  North Elementary school has 1  positive student case, 0 positive staff, 2 remote learners, and 0 students on modified.  West Elementary currently has 0 positive student cases, 0  staff, 1 remote learner, and 0 students on modified.  

We will continue to monitor the situation, work with our Health Team, and follow our plan.  Our number goal is that we believe all students should be in school and feel our current plans provides us the flexibility to accomplish that goal.

As always, I am available at 1311 Main for a face to face conversation, phone call at 785-890-2397, or email me at if you should have any questions.  Thanks.