COVID Data - Sept. 6th

Last week we saw a quick rise  on Wednesday to a high of 34 active cases with 14 active cases in our schools.  That caused us to move to a Tier 1.5 status for all of our buildings in the hopes of lowering the rapid increase and spread in our school and community.  Below is the data as of today.

We currently have had 768 total COVID-19 cases in Sherman County with a decrease from last Wednesday to 24 active cases right now.  Thirty-five (35) staff and 72 students have tested positive with 1 active staff case and 9 active students cases.

At Goodland Jr-Sr High High school we have 1 positive student case, 0 staff, 3 students on remote  and 0 modified.  We have decided to lower their Tier status from 1.5 back to 1.0.

North Elementary school has 4 positive students cases, 0 staff, 4 remote learners, and 2 students on modified.  West Elementary currently has 4 positive student cases, 1 positive staff, 5 remote learners, and 3 students on modified.  We will continue with Tier 1.5 at both elementary schools as we start the week.

We will continue to monitor the situation, work with our Health Team, and follow our plan.  This plan provides us the greatest flexibility to move up and down Tiers as needed to address the current data.   As soon as the data indicates a change we will adjust.  Thank you for your cooperation and support during this time.  We will get through this and back to normal school ASAP.