Professional Days Added

If you remember back at the beginning of school in August, we had decided to use all our Professional Development/Inservice Days that we had during the entire year and move them to the front of our calendar to prepare for this unusual year.   We believe that was a good decision that allowed us to best prepare.  That being said, we still have a huge need in our district for our staff to have time to grow professionally.  We have many initiatives that have taken a back seat to COVID and we want to continue to work on our Apollo Redesign, KESA goals, Technology Integration, and other topics/workshops that will make us better.

The State BOE recently passed a plan to allow school districts who wanted to add more teacher professional days back into the calendar.  Our Local BOE decided to take advantage of this opportunity so we have added three additional days of Teacher Inservice back into the 2nd Semester.  These three days would be NO SCHOOL days for students, but our staff would be working on initiatives.  

Therefore, please mark your calendars appropriately as those 3 days are:

Monday, January 18th

Monday, February 15th

Monday, April 19th

*contingent on Calendar Approval by Goodland-NEA.