Here is the information as of today, Saturday, Nov. 28th.  We will begin the week of November 30th on Tier 1.5.  We welcome all of our students and staff back for full days after the Thanksgiving break.   Sherman County currently has had 439 positive cases, with 38 active cases.  We have had 23 total staff and 40 positive student cases.  Right now, we have 1 active staff case and 4 student cases.

West Elementary has zero staff and zero active positive student cases.  West has 14 students  currently on modified quarantine with 8 students in Remote Learning.  

North Elementary currently has 1 active positive staff case and zero student.   There are 4 students on modified quarantine and 11 students in Remote Learning.  

The JH-HS currently has zero active positive staff cases and 4 student.  There are 6 students on modified quarantine and 14 students in Remote Learning.   

Thanks, and as always please contact me directly if you have any questions and/or concerns.

Bill Biermann, 785-890-2397, bill.biermann@usd352.org