Tier 2 District - Nov. 23-24

November 19, 2020

 RE:      District Tier 2.0 November 23-24

 We have decided to implement our Tier 2 plan for the entire district, K-12, on Monday and Tuesday, November 23rd and 24th.  Current data in regards to COVID-19 follows.

 In Sherman County, there have been a total of 365 total cases, and currently, there are 34 active cases.  We have had a total of 21 positive staff cases, with 4 currently active.  Our total student positive cases have been 31, with 7 currently active.  The JH-HS has been the building with the most cases and currently has 5 active student cases and 2 staff members.  North Elementary is setting at 1 active staff and 1 active student.  West Elementary has 1 student, and 1 staff member considered active.

Our numbers, in my opinion, are actually doing really well in comparison to the outbreak around us, and considering on a daily basis we have 900 students in our buildings and over 150 staff members.  I am proud of all of our staff for managing the challenge we have been dealt this fall and moving forward.  We are committed to providing quality education to our students, sustaining their opportunity for activities, while also trying to maintain the health and safety of all involved.  We also are very aware of our role in assisting this community with the spread of the virus and certainly want to support our local hospital’s ability to provide health care to our citizens in need of care.  Many factors and discussions go into making the decisions we make.

 As we move forward and heading into Thanksgiving break, we certainly realize the potential for more challenges ahead.  To date, we haven’t gone to Tier 2 at North or West Elementary. To more efficiently work through whatever issues become evident in that situation, we feel like we should run Tier 2 at those buildings during a two-day trial.  As a result, if we need to move to Tier 2 after Thanksgiving or any other time, we will be better prepared to handle it.  So, our primary decision to move to Tier 2 district-wide next week is to utilize those two days prior to Thanksgiving break to make sure Tier 2 works for you and us.  We realize it presents some challenges to families and our staff when it comes to child care options.  It will be beneficial to see how our staff and community are able to manage the childcare situation in a Tier 2 model.

 These are difficult times, and I appreciate all of you for supporting us as we continue to do what is best for kids.  If you have any questions at all, please please please, call me (785-890-2397) or email me at bill.biermann@usd352.org



Bill Biermann, Superintendent USD 352 - Goodland