Weekly Update

Here is the information as of Sunday October 25th.  We currently have had 218 positive cases in Sherman County with 72 currently active.  

West Elementary has zero active student and staff cases and will be on Tier 1.  North Elementary currently has 2 positive student cases and 2 positive staff members and will be on Tier 1.5 for the week.  Our JH-HS has 1 positive student case and 2 positive staff cases and will also be on Tier 1.5 to start the week.

The school will remain on these Tiers for the remainder of the week unless data and advice from Sherman County Health Department gives us reason to move.  Thanks, and as always please contact me directly if you have any questions and/or concerns.

Bill Biermann, 785-890-2397, bill.biermann@usd352.org