This is revised since earlier this morning.

To our School Community, I thought it was important to share the data in regards to COVID-19 as we begin this week.  This data is what we currently have and as most of you know, it can change very quickly. 

At this time, West Elementary (our K-2 building) has zero positive student and staff cases and begins the week operating at Tier 1.   Over the weekend, we were notified that North Elementary (3-6) has its first positive student case.  Those people with direct exposure have bee notified.  We feel with the way our staff is handling day to day operations with their classes being isolated from the rest of the school it has essentially only impacted that one classroom.  That classroom will be on Tier 1.5.  The rest of the school continues to operate on Tier 1.  There are no positive adult/staff cases at North Elementary at this time.

The Jr./Sr. High School now has one (1) active student case.   The school has had a total of 8 positive student cases over the last month or so, but as of right now the total active cases is just one.  There are currently nineteen (19) students on modified quarantine due to a variety of identified close contact exposures with some of those coming off this week while others will fulfill their 14 day quarantine.    The building is operating on Tier 2 - Hybrid for today and tomorrow, and unless new developments come about, we will move to Tier 1.5 on Wednesday.

We continue to work with our County Health Department on a daily basis as well as our own Registered Nurse - Carrie Peter.   They are doing a tremendous job as well as our whole team and custodians in keeping our buildings safe for students and our doors open.  Similar to the community, we continue to have a few people getting tested almost daily and we monitor those results closely.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me directly via phone 785-890-2397 or by email, bill.biermann@usd352.org.

Thanks, WeGotThis2.0