School Update for Oct. 5th

We are please to announce that the entire district will move back to Tier 1 status to the begin the week.  We do have an exception with Kindergarten as they will begin the week on Tier 2 status.  They will be communicating directly with their parents for what that looks like.

I appreciate everyone working with us through the week.  It started off with the notification on Sunday of a positive case within are school and that we had the potential for communal spread due to an event the previous weekend.  We moved to put the entire district into Tier 1.5 as a precautionary measure.  As the week developed, we had two adult positive cases at West Elementary which put that building into Tier 3.  Several students and adults continued to get testing during the week and we began to get those results.  Slowly, as the week developed we received more and more negative results.  For the week, we had 24 negative test results in the school.  We did end the week with 4 positive student test (one of which is not longer active) and the 2 adult.  

We have no pending PUI (person under investigating) and with our new Modified Quarantine policy in place to begin the week we feel moving to Tier 1 is best for students and staff

.  We will have approximately 75 students and staff throughout the district begin Monday on Modified Quarantine.  As always if you have any questions please feel free to give me a call (890-2397) or email me;

I believe we have an effective plan that allows us to make adjustments and move rather quickly to change our Tiers based on the data we are provided.  We also realize that we still have COVID related issues going on in our community so we will be monitoring those and communicating with Sherman County Health Department on a continual basis.

Thank you, 

Bill Biermann