USD 352 Modified Quarantine Policy

Goodland Public Schools Modified Quarantine Procedures

This guide specifically addresses requirements around maintaining continuity of learning in the situation where students and staff in a classroom are exposed to COVID-19; namely the modified quarantine requirements for close contacts of a case. 

What this modified quarantine allows is the ability for all students and staff in the exposed classroom to continue physically attending school during their quarantine period. As the numbers in Sherman County have remained low and extracurricular activities are important to the overall health of our students and staff, we are also allowing for participation in those activities. This guide will be updated to reflect the current activity of the virus in our county and are subject to change at any time to protect the health of Sherman County and USD 352 Staff and Students.

Read the full guide to learn more about the following topics: 

  • Current Isolation and Quarantine Requirements
  • Defining A Close Contact
  • Modified Quarantine Requirements