Parking Map

West School is implementing  new procedures in traffic to make things safer when you are dropping off or picking up your children.   Please be patient and understanding as our children are the most important factor.   The diagram is designed to show how the “DROP OFF ZONE” should look, however we know there may have to be some adjustment made.  The key to this working is for all to cooperate and work together.  If you are going to drop your students off, we ask that you DO NOT stop in the street.  If you are going to park to drop off your student, we ask you to travel from the East to West on 12th street so you do not have to turn left across traffic.  Use the parking on the east side. 

Some tips that will help ensure the safety of our students. 

·      Do not stop in the street to drop students off.

·      Please travel from East to West on 12th Street

·      Pull over to the curb to drop off your student(s) in the DROP OFF ZONE.

·      When entering Drop Zone, please pull as far to the West as possible so people can pull in behind you. 

·      If you will be entering the school or if you need to take extra time to unload your students please park in the spaces provided in the EAST parking lot. 

·      We ask students not be dropped off on the south side of 12th Street; this will eliminate the dangers of students crossing the busy street.