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Cross Country Results Tribune 9/8/2012

Girls Team Results: Ness City  21 (1st), Stanton County 37 (2nd), Lakin 41 (3rd), Scott City 47 (4th) Goodland 64 (5th)



9th-10th Girls Results

Lacie Siruta 4th 17:14

Lindsey Geeseka 14th 21:20

Teryn Tompkins 18th 24:30


11th - 12th Girls Results

Sierra Estes 11th 19:14

Kylie Samuelson 17th 27:06

Katrina Delgado 18th 29:01

 Boys Team Results:  Scott City 24 (1st), Ness City 39 (2nd), Stanton County  44 (3rd), Goodland 46 (4th), Greeley County 64 (5th), Leoti 69 (6th), Lakin 72 (7th)


9th - 10th Boys Results:

Arron Arteaga 1st 18:35

Kyler Amthor 5th 18:56

Jacob Gerber 16th 20:21

Kameron Snyder 17th 20:30

Tristen Cooper 19th 20:50

Mario Lazo 21st 20:53

Orlando Wooten 22nd 21:18

Daniel Cepeda 32nd 24:36

Hunter Harkins 34th 27:10


11th -12th Boys Results

Ace Arteaga 7th 18:33Jesse Cooper 26th 21:43 Jarod Lake 27th 21:59


Junior High Results:


Girls: Erin Floyd 5th 6:48

 Boys: Michael Garza 15th 6:40

               Ussiel Gallegos 17th 6:41

               Jacob Brown 23rd 7:09

              Austin Keim 34th 8:53

 The kids ran well today with most of them running their best times so far. 

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