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Strategic Plan

The Board of Education has adopted the 2011-12 Strategic Plan.  The BOE had several planning session including a community action group to assist with focus areas as well as action items.  This plan will be used in the next three years as a plan for improvement and determining goal achievement.  


  1. 21st Century Classroom:
    1. To keep pace with the ever-changing technology needs for 21st century learning and to integrate technology as an instructional practice to engage learning.
      1. Teacher Training / Professional Development
      2. Alternative Programs
        1. Adult Diploma Program
        2. At-Risk Student / Credit Recovery
        3. Virtual Option
      3. Instructional Tools
        1. 1 to 1 IPAD initiative
        2. Redefine focus – more portable / user friendly / customizable per grade level.
  2. School Climate
    1. To create and maintain a positive learning environment.
      1. Bully Free Schools
      2. Consistency in Discipline
      3. Expectations
        1. Raise the Bar
        2. Student Ownership in Learning
        3. School Spirit
  3. Communication
    1. To build and maintain current communications with the community, patrons, parents, and staff
      1. Enhance and Increase Communication between parents / teachers / coaches
        1. Update to date Web Page
        2. Work to develop a Facebook account
        3. Use School Connect
      2. Educate our public on AYP and NCLB implications
  4. Academic Performance
    1. To utilize curriculum and implement instructional strategies to improve student achievement.
      1. Align our student achievement targets with AYP benchmarks for all students. 
        1. Meet targets to get off of improvement
      2. Expect Excellence and teach “love to learn” mentality
        1. Redefine our 7-12 Education
        2. Increase technology usage among staff and students
        3. Encourage a more rigorous and relevant curriculum
      3. Increase Parental Engagement
        1. Porch Visits
  5. Financial / Budget
    1. To position our district with the financial resources available to effectively educate all students and to prepare our district to meet the needs of students in the future.
      1. Establish Short Term and Long Term Goals
        1. Capital Outlay Timeline and Prioritize Needs
      2. Collaboratively work towards a Facilities Plan that meets the educational needs of students while allowing the district to become more efficient.
  6. Leadership
    1. To position the focus on teaching and learning, identify the priorities, base decisions on research and data, establish goals, and facilitate the process and procedures for implementation.
      1. Increase accountability for all staff
        1. Initiate a plan for low performing staff
      2. Be more visible in the classrooms and provide greater feedback to staff
        1. Structured Walkthrough


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