Science Olympiad

On Friday, February 15 Goodland Science Olympiad competed in the Regional Science Olympiad Tournament held at Fort Hays State University. The team earned a tie for first place with a team score of 65. Points are scored as a point for each placing in each of 23 events that test students over Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Space Science as well as Technology and Engineering. The team brought home 15 medals out of the 23 events and averaged slightly better than third place in each event. Overall ties are broken by how many gold medals the team receives and Goodland lost the tiebreak by winning four gold medals compared to five gold medals won by Hays High School. All fifteen students earned placings in the top four of their events. 
Gold Medals
Dynamic Planet-Sadie McCary and Abbigayle Rickard
An event about knowledge of glaciers, glaciation, and long-term climate change
Mousetrap Vehicle-Hannah Dechant and Caleb Dechant
Teams build a vehicle that uses a mousetrap as its full means of propulsion to push a paper cup forward, reverse direction and stop as close as possible to a target point. 
Herpetology-Sadie McCary and Saige Newman
An event testing the knowledge of amphibians and reptiles
Forensics-Ella Ihrig and AJ McCary
Given a crime scenario and possible suspects, students perform tests and analyze evidence to solve a crime. 
Silver Medals
Codebusters-Saige Newman, Genna Ross, and Rebecca Lockhart
Teams cryptoanalyze (decode) encrypted messages using using advanced ciphers and cryptoanlysis techniques. 
Mission Possible-Hannah Dechant and Caleb Dechant (with lots of help from Ella Ihrig)
Participants build, design, and test a Rube Goldberg type device that must include a series of specific actions.
Wright Stuff-Sadie McCary and Trent Coon
Teams construct and build a rubber band powered airplane to stay aloft for the longest time
Boomilever-Trent Coon and Caleb Dechant
Students build a half of a truss bridge out of balsa wood that attaches to a testing wall. Bridges are scored based on load efficiency
Thermodynamics-Ryan Lalicker and Jazlyn Fenner
Students conduct a test over the properties of heat transfer as well as building a insulating device.
Chemistry Lab-Ryan Lalicker and Briana Woodrow
Students take a test over two aspects of chemistry, this year includes physical properties and knowledge of acids and bases
Designer Genes-Hannah Dechant and Jazlyn Fenner
Students take a test over the principles of genetics, molecular genetics, and biotechnology.
Protein Modeling-Ella Ihrig, Hannah Dechant, and Jazlyn Fenner
Students use computer visualization software of proteins to analyze the chemistry of going from a DNA code so a functional three dimensional protein.
Sounds of Music-Saige Newman and AJ McCary
Students must construct a musical instrument to play a scale and take a written test over the physics of sound.
Bronze Medals
Anatomy-Rebecca Lockhart and Saige Newman
Students take a test over the cardiovascular, lymphatic, and excretory systems of the human body.
Water Quality-Trent Coon and Caleb Dechant
Students take a test over aquatic environments and knowledge of water. 
Fourth Place
Geologic Mapping-Jayden Vallejo and Abbigayle Rickard
Teams analyze topographic maps to interpret conditions regarding subsurface structures and subduction zones
Fermi Questions-Ella Ihrig and Ryan Lalicker
Teams use rapid estimation to estimate quantities that might be difficult or impossible to measure directly
Experimental Design-Rebecca Lockhart, AJ McCary, and Jazlyn Fenner
Teams design, perform, and analyze data from an experiment that they create during the competition
Circuit Lab-Ryan Lalicker and Haylee Schurr
Teams test over properties of electricity and magnetism.
The second place finish earns the team the ability to compete at the State Science Olympiad Tournament on Saturday, April 6 at Wichita State University. This is the 21st straight year that Goodland High School has qualified for the state tournament. Alternates for the regional tournament were Manten Crow, Rhiannon Cacavio, and Dallin Tew. These students have worked very hard throughout the season and the team accomplishment could not have been done without their dedication to team success. Goodland is coached by teachers Brian Coon, Jeff First, and Jay Stout along with Mr. Stout's student teacher Raquel Tomsic. 
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